symbolizes development, meeting, discovering and connecting young creative talent.

Kunstbende is a youth organization with the goal to stimulate the active cultural participation among youngsters. We organize several activities to reach this ambition. The most renown activity is our National competition for young creative talent, by which youngsters from 13 till 19 can participate in eight artistic categories. Beside the competition Kunstbende offers a versatile package of projects, including workshops for and coaching of talented youngsters, the best of Kunstbende Tour and the International exchange project ‘Move Your Art’.

During the ending of the 80’s there seemed to be a big difference between the established cultural offer and the youngsters being in need of art and culture. A mixture or connection between these groups was difficult to find. That missing link was a motive for the Dutch Minister of Culture to initiate a project to bring those two groups together. A committee of people concerning the cultural content was made and with their ideas, it all started. ‘Kunstbende’ was born in 1991.

The core business of Kunstbende is the competition which already exists for 20 years. We organize pre-rounds in every county and the winners of these pre-rounds compete during the finals. Youngsters can participate in eight categories;
- Fine Art
- Dance
- DJ
- Fashion
- Film & Animation
- Music
- Spoken Word
- Theatre & Performance

After the competition we offer the winners a course to develop their talents. Together with the winners we make a list of goals they want to accomplish and we try to find each of them a coach to help them during this period. Some of the winners only need help to find good creative studies. Others really want to develop their talents and need help in finding gigs. So we try to create a specific course for each of them.

Interesting to know is that there are more projects like Kunstbende in other countries. Kunstbende exists also in Belgium, Aruba and the Antilles and in the Scandinavian countries we have competitions like ours. Each summer Kunstbende tries to connect youngsters from two or more of these countries during an exchange.

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